The Ultimate Guide To Sell You House Fast

A well-written description of a home is an art form in the field of advertising. Words serve as the “paint” on a canvas, thus the more elegantly they can be put together, the better the finished product will be. Good property descriptions should build a picture that makes the reader want to see the place for themselves

Quality descriptions are essential, since an increasing number of people are looking for their next house online. In fact, almost half (43%) of people who look for homes online say they are less enthusiastic in seeing a house because of spelling and grammatical problems in the description.

  1. Attention-Grabbing Title

Prospective customers peruse product descriptions in search of information that piques their interest and fulfils their needs. Because consumers prefer scanning to reading, you should keep your headline brief yet compelling. The recommended maximum length for a headline is 10 words.

Since there isn’t much time to capture a buyer’s attention, brokers need to put on their thinking hats and use vivid language. This example is a charming, fully renovated Craftsman in a highly sought-after area; act fast!

  1.  Brief Introductory Remark

Keep in mind that consumers have high expectations and will skip on if they really do not locate relevant information. You may increase your chances of making a sale by writing a compelling opening sentence that elaborates on the title. Provide context for the reader and encourage them to keep going.

  1. Artfully Conceived Narrative

When describing the property, keep your writing concise. Aim for no more than 250 words, since consumers have little patience for reading lengthy descriptions. Remember that your Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and other prominent real estate advertising sites may impose character limits on your description content. Don’t forget to include your headlines in the total word count; certain sites use this to ensure that the description is a certain length.

  1. Typical summaries begin with the following required details:
  • Capacity in terms of sleeping quarters and baths
  • Area Covered
  • Upgrades and refurbishments completed recently
  • Popular Products (appliances, flooring, etc.)
  • Land Area
  • Cellar
  • Garage
  • Amenities (pool fireplace deck)
  • Modified Forms and Other Distinctions
  • An agent’s job is to take these basic elements and spin them into a fascinating story.

By following all these tips you’d be able to grab the attention of customers within the first glance.