Follow this process to buy an upstate home.

A Home Purchase Offer

If you are interested in buying a particular home, instruct your agent to submit an offer on it. The paperwork involved varies from region to region, and your agent will be able to inform you of what forms are required. In some areas, an Offer to Purchase Form is used, while a Contract for Sale is used in others. Check it out at It is common to provide your agent with the following information to communicate with the seller or their representative:

  • Your willingness to pay
  • Amount of the mortgage
  • Dates for closing and occupation
  • Inclusion or exclusion of personal property (appliances, lighting fixtures, etc.)
  • A mortgage, a building inspection, and a pest inspection, such as an inspection for termites, pests, radon, water quality, lead, septic systems, and oil tanks, are all contingent upon obtaining a mortgage.

buy an upstate home

If the seller does not accept the offer, further negotiation may be necessary to reach an acceptable agreement for both parties. To quickly review and respond to proposed changes, it is important to go through so that you remain in close communication with your agent throughout the negotiation process. Counteroffers are common during the negotiation process.

Offer acceptation

Contact your agent to find out what the immediate next steps are. The contract writing process, down payments, and building inspection contingency dates differ from region to region.

During the period between contracting and closing

In the interim, there are some details to take care of, and we are here to assist you. As part of our Concierge Program, we offer all the services you need before, during, and after your move. Our team is here to help you with moving companies, community information, and home improvement services.

Closing Expectations

All parties participate in the closing process where necessary paperwork is signed to complete the sale and transfer the title to the property. After the seller receives payment, the house keys are transferred to you. The title representative subtracts the funds required for the existing mortgage and other transaction costs from the amount credited to the seller. We prepare and sign deeds, loan papers, and other documents, which are then submitted to the local recording office.