Buying a Home from Individuals: All You Need to Know

Buying a house from private individuals is one of the most tempting solutions for those who want to buy a house . Buying from private individuals is not only perfectly legal, but also allows you to save a few thousand Euros. In fact, the direct sale of real estate is not subject to any brokerage commission

Buying a house from a private individual , however, is not a choice that everyone makes. In fact, this type of sale:

it involves risks that are usually absent from buying and selling through a real estate agency

it can take much longer, as it is necessary to look for who is selling the house privately, contact the owners, make appointments and more

Purchasing a house from private individuals is not impossible, but before attempting this path it is necessary to carry out a series of checks. So in this article we explain what to do when buying a house from a private individual .

The checks to be carried out before buying a house from private individuals

Check all the property documentation

The first step to take for those who want to purchase a house from private individuals is to check all the documentation of the property. Here are the documents to request from the owner:

Certificate of viability of the building. This document is used to verify that the property is fit to be inhabited. Most houses are, but on the market it is also possible to find people trying to sell an apartment without the habitability requirements.

the deed of provenance of the property. The deed of provenance is used to understand how the owner acquired the property that he now wants to sell. Did he buy it from a construction company, or from an individual? Did he receive it as an inheritance, or as a gift? Is the property owned by a single person, or is it jointly owned? How are the relations between all the owners? It is important to clarify these points, to avoid – for example – finding yourself buying a property burdened by inheritance taxes , or which is disputed by several heirs, or even the subject of a separation or divorce proceeding.