Sell Your House in NY without the help of Agents

Online platform that helps homeowners sell their homes quickly and easily without having to use a real estate agent. By using the platform, you can quickly find buyers and create an online listing with all the details and photos of your home.

You can also access a network of verified buyers, allowing you to make a quick sale without having to wait for a real estate agent to find a buyer for you. Plus, you don’t have to pay any realtor fees, so you can keep more of the money you make from the sale

Services Offered

Helping Homes offers a variety of services to help you sell your house without an agent.

  1. Professional Photography: We will take professional photos of your home to show off its best features, making it more attractive to potential buyers.
  2. Listing Services: We can list your house on a variety of online real estate sites and provide detailed descriptions of the property, including photos, to attract buyers.
  3. Marketing Services: We can help you create marketing materials, such as flyers and postcards, to advertise your home.
  4. Showings: We can arrange showings for potential buyers and handle all the necessary paperwork.
  5. Negotiations: We can help you navigate the negotiation process and ensure that you get the best deal for your property.
  6. Closing Services: We can handle all of the paperwork and other tasks associated with closing the sale, such as title transfer and deed preparation.

Why Choose Them?

Helping Home is a leading real estate company that specializes in helping people sell their homes quickly and at a fair price. They offer a variety of services to make the process hassle-free, including free home evaluations, marketing, listing services, and more.

They also provide guidance and advice throughout the selling process to ensure the best outcome for their clients. With their help, you can be sure you’ll get the best price for your home without having to worry about the hassle of working with a real estate agent.