Everything You Want to Know About Japanese Wagyu

Wagyu is the popular Japanese cattle that include four different breeds: Japanese Brown, Black, Polled and Shorthorn. Wagyu cattle now are bred & processed in many other countries, which includes Australia and America as the primary producers.

Beyond its melt-in-mouth taste that japanese a5 wagyu beef is popular for, it is also very different from other kinds of beef. The intramuscular marbling levels are what make the particular beef very unique in nutrition and flavor. Given are some potential benefits and tips on preparing delicious Wagyu beef.

What’s “Wagyu A5”?

japanese a5 wagyu

The beef cattle can be classified in Japanese Black, Japanese Shorthorn, Seed Japanese Brown, and Japanese Polled and Japanese Black breeding is a biggest among all of them.

There’re a few grades for the WAGYU beef, which includes Japanese Black meat, and A5 Japanese is a highest grade given just to the best quality of beef. Standards of beef grading include Yield Grade & Quality Grade. In A5, A means yield grade and “5” shows grade quality.

Quality Grading System

Furthermore, Japanese beef grading has five quality grades. It includes marbling, meat brightness and color, texture and firmness of meat, and quality and luster of fat. An only way you can consistently produce the best quality meat is practicing highest and most meticulous types of cattle raising.

Over many years, expert farmers have honed the cultivation methods to make sure that cows produce evenly fat deposits and don’t build tense and tough meat. For the cattle, it means extra pampering and less effort in exertion.