Energy Switch Massachusetts – How to Shop for a Lower Electricity Rate

Massachusetts residents have the option to compare electricity plans from different providers to find a cheaper rate. The Department of Public Utilities regulates and oversees the competitive retail energy market. It also oversees Energy Switch Massachusetts, an online platform that lets customers compare electricity rates from different suppliers, review various options for power sources, and make a decision according to the energy usage of their household, preferences, and needs and lock in the same rate for 12 to36 months.

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Many Massachusetts households are facing double-digit rate hikes from Eversource and National Grid as winter approaches. WBZ reports that electricity costs have risen by 60% and natural gas prices have increased by 20% since last year. The state legislature has written to the agency that sets rates for utilities, and asked it to reconsider these rate increases before they go into effect.

With these new rates coming up it is crucial for consumers to be empowered with tools to shop for prices. Retail Energy Advancement League has put together a printable, free guide that customers can download to help them shop for electricity provider switch at competitive prices and save money. Read the guide in English and Spanish.